Here you will find in future T3 Vanagons with modified engines, made prfessionell with official TÜV. It will be done with parts coming from other cars, mostly from Audi.

With the DoKa shown above, you see the first project with an built in V8 with tiptronic autotransmission built in as middelengine concept. Ther is the fully technical drivetrain coming from a Audi A8 transformed and built in. Instead of the 4 Cyl WBX now it works with a 4,2 L V8 with 220 KW / 300 HP with the tiptronic automatic. Also the brakessystem was modified to OEM Audi, with vented disc front and rear. The original Gauges will be also integrated into the face of dash of T3.

The performance will be now realy straight ! It run like an Audi A8 with max. Speed of over 250 Km/h but you have to be carfull when wind is rough. Please mail for further information.